Crushed Stone & Base Material

Galasso Materials mines high-grade basalt (trap rock) at its East Granby CT location. We process the basalt in our state of the art, high capacity crushing facility, with extreme attention paid to quality control. Our crushing assets combined with daily testing of stockpile gradation allows Galasso to provide aggregate quantities that can satisfy any sized project while meeting stringent quality and specification guidelines the DOT, FAA and your construction project. All products are approved for use by CTDOT, NYSDOT and MassDOT as well as a number of other agencies. We offer a wide range of sized crushed stone, base materials, screenings, dust, sand, as well as reclaimed or recycled products that will satisfy any project’s needs.

Crushed Stone and Processed Stone Materials

ID Material
010 2″ Stone
011 1-1/4″ Stone
012 3/4″ Stone
013 1/2″ Stone
014 3/8″ Stone
016 Screenings – Dust
017 Rip Rap (Quarry Run)
023 Rip Rap (Modified 4″ – 10″)
018 Processed Stone – Small
019 Processed Stone – Large
042 Mason Sand
049 Washed Sand
048 Screened Sand
045 Pea Stone (3/8″ – 3/4″ Blend) when available
046 Sand Fill
070 RAP (Reclaimed Base)

* Minimum aggregate purchase $20.00.

Bitumnous Concrete

ID Material
029 Class 1 & 4
031 Class 2 – Driveway
032 Class 3- Curb, 12
043 Enviro Patch – DEP approved cold patch

Specialty Mixes

ID Material
064 Tennis Court Mix
041 1/2″ Binder
066 Emulsion (5 gallon pail)
Super Pave Mixes


The price of liquid asphalt has been unpredictable, so we suggest protecting yourselves by using an escalation clause in your future paving contracts. Prices subject to change at anytime. Galasso will notify you as soon as possible of any future materials price changes.

Payment in full within 30 days. A service charge of 1-1/2% per month (18% per annum, minimum finance charge $1.00 per month) will be charged on all accounts not paid within 30 days from.

For all deliveries the customer is allowed 15 minutes for unloading of materials, should the truck be held up onsite longer than 15 minutes the customer will be billed for waiting time at the rate of $25.00 for every 15 minutes the truck waits.

For deliveries requested after 3:00pm a $4.00 per ton surcharge will apply.